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Meet the Team

Find out more about our team of experts and specialist trainers.

Tom O’Shea

Head of Training

Heading up CWind Training, Tom joined the training centre in 2013 with a commitment to continuing his focus on delivering high-quality training solutions to the wind industry. Tom has been heavily involved in training, development and consultancy for the wind industry since 2010 and has a wealth of experience on a huge variety of turbines both on and offshore. With over 16 years working in technical training for a vast number of industries, ranging from mountaineering to the emergency services and government organisations, Tom has a proven track record in making significant improvements to the way practical safety courses are designed and delivered.

Daisy Porter

Training Coordinator

Daisy has a career background in Health & Safety Training in various industries including demolition, construction and journalism. Joining CWind Training in 2018, Daisy is responsible for the day to day operations of the training centre as well as supporting business development and the strategic scope of the department.

David Carter

Lead Trainer

David has been heavily involved in the offshore industry in a variety of sectors for a number of years and joined the training centre in 2015. Due to his involvement in media services for the energy sector, he has filmed, photographed and produced videos for most stages of the “wind farm process” including foundations, construction, operations & maintenance, on-site safety/training and a number of mock emergency exercises. David’s extensive wind farm experience and attention to detail help ensure our courses are accurate and relevant to the environment the delegates are likely to be working in.

Steve Rider


Joining CWind Training in 2019, Steve has experience in technical and logistical support in both the onshore and offshore wind industry. Steve brings with him experience and understanding of offshore wind industry operations which he utilises to ensure courses are accurate and relevant to the offshore environment.